Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Enoch Ardon

Enoch Ardon are a four-piece screamo band from Oviedo, Spain that formed in 2006. Their main point of comparison is Orchid, which as far as influences go, it doesn't get much better than that. They were mainly active around 2006 and 2007, but released a new 7" a few years back in 2014, which picks up right where they left off, which is pure, chaotic goodness. Enjoy.

1. Sigo Atado
2. Truenos Truenos
3. Disnea
4. Osos De Ojos Verdes
5. Cuando Estaba Muerto Los Pájaros Se Posaban Sobre Mi Nariz
6. Iceberg

10. Basmati

1. Una Mano Empuja A La Otra
2. Qoala
3. Hacerte Llorar Perros
4. Piernas Sin Gente
5. Explosiones A La Velocidad De La Luz
6. ---
7. Ozono Troposférico
8. Un Caballo Tranquilo
9. Síndrome Del Temblor Negro
10. Dientes Hipersensibles
11. ----

1. Un Pie Pisa Al Otro
2. Caminando Boca Abajo
3. Mucho Lujo
4. Nosia
5. El Aullido

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