Sunday, 17 December 2017

Ten Yard Fight

Ten Yard Fight were a five-piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 1995 and broke up in 1999. Along with other Boston bands such as In My Eyes, they were a major factor in the revitalization of youth crew and straight edge in their era. Additionally, Ten Yard Fight were known for their football influence (the American kind, sport not band). They would occasionally play shows decked out in football gear, and some lyrics touched upon the sport. For the most part though, what they are remembered for is their passion and energy, which exploded in a relatively short of span, and across a handful of solid releases.

1. First And Ten
2. Line Of Scrimmage
3. Enough
4. Pit Of Equality
5. Drug Free Nation
6. Offsides
7. Till Death

1. Hardcore Pride
2. Forever
3. Where I Stand
4. Believe
5. Proud To Be Straight
6. Holding On

1. Ten Yard Fight - From The Start
2. Ten Yard Fight - Fear Of Failure
3. Ten Yard Fight - We Know The Truth
4. Fastbreak - Should Have Known
5. Fastbreak - For The Next Fall
6. Fastbreak - All The Things

1. Running Scared
2. Refuse To Change
3. The Same Side
4. We Know The Truth
5. Still Lives
6. You Taught Them
7. Lost Sight
8. Back On Track
9. Opportunities
10. Back It Up
11. False Convictions
12. Frame Of Mind
13. Our Times
14. Stronger Than Before

1. Glory Bound
2. Actions Speak
3. The Proof
4. The Only Way
5. What I Say
6. Don't Come Back
7. No Place

1. Back On Track
2. Pit of Equality
3. Proud To Be Straight
4. Hardcore Pride
5. Salad Days (Minor Threat cover)
6. Changes (with Mark Peters from Floorpunch)
7. The Only Way
8. Still Holding On
9. Running Scared
10. First And Ten

Drawing The Line
Falling Behind
Put It Aside (Youth Of Today cover)
Stand Against
Straight Edge In Your Face (Slapshot cover)

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Some Girls

Some Girls were a five-piece hardcore band from San Diego, California that formed in 2002 and broke up in 2007. Their members had all been previously established in other very notable bands, including vocalist Wesley Eisold (American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, and Cold Cave post-Some Girls), bassist Justin Pearson (The Locust, Swing Kids), guitarist Rob Moran (bassist in Unbroken, Over My Dead Body), and guitarist Chuck Rowell (The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower), among others. Stylistically, they played spastic, frantic, noisy hardcore that's heavy on the blast beats and speeds through each song carrying an unrelenting, convulsing dissonance. Notable comparisons can be made to Daughters and The Blood Brothers, though the individual members past projects are probably the best indication of what to expect with this project.

The band's discography consists of only three essential releases. The compilation All My Friends Are Going Death was released in 2004 by Deathwish. This includes their first two EP's (The Rains and The Blues), as well as some demo material. Their next EP, The DNA Will Have Its Say was put out in 2005 by Pearson's own Three One G Records. Their final release was their sole full-length, Heaven's Pregnant Teens, on Epitaph Records. Following the dissolution of this band, all members have stayed active in both their older and newer projects. Enjoy.

1. All My Friends Are Going Death
2. Gonna Set My Soul On Fire
3. Now Only Memories Run On Railway Tracks
4. The Rains
5. His N' Hers
6. Up To Our Hips
7. Sex And Glue
8. Red Cuts Through Black Hearts
9. Some Girls Have All The Fuck
10. Queens Without Kings
11. Blues Singer
12. Alligula
13. Pale Pink Vodka Veins
14. No Fun (The Stooges cover)
15. Up To Your Hips Again
16. 69 Untitled

1. I Need Drugs
2. A Sick Cult
3. Me & My Blasphemy
4. The DNA Will Have Its Say
5. Don't Hate Me Just 'Cause I Hate You
6. Nazi Rodeo
7. Hot Air Balloons

1. Beautiful Rune
2. Hot Piss
3. Dead In A Web
4. Warm Milk
5. You'll Be Happier With Lower Standards
6. Ex Nuns / Dead Dogs
7. Totally Pregnant Teens
8. Bone Metal
9. Marry Mortuary
10. Religion II
11. Skull's Old Girlfriends
12. Retard And Feathered
13. Deathface

Friday, 8 December 2017

Elvis Depressedly

Elvis Depressedly are a two-piece lo-fi/indie rock band from Asheville, North Carolina that formed in 2011. Initially formed by vocalist/guitarist Mathew Lee Cothran (also of Coma Cinema), the project now includes drummer/keyboardist Delaney Mills. As their name suggests, they aren't the sunniest of soundtracks. With a decidedly lo-fi recording aesthetic, their drone-y, atmospheric sound ultimately clouds what are, at their core, indie pop songs. They're rounded off by some lonely chords, light percussion and despondent vocals, which all contribute to creating their distinct landscape.

The band's earliest material was self-released. Following the EP Holo Pleasures released on Birdtapes, they signed to Run For Cover Records and released New Alhambra. This was followed by a RFC re-release of Holo Pleasures, which also included a previously recorded/unreleased EP California Dreamin'. Elvis Depressedly has, without a doubt, been one of the most highly requested bands I have yet to post. Thus, they were an easy pick for one of the last bands to cover before 2018 hits. Enjoy.

1. bummer dreams
2. boy satan
3. save the planet kill yourself
4. turn blue
5. life sentence

1. jesus rots inside his grave
2. mickey yr a fuck up
3. kill me, mickey
4. die in the summertime (r.j.e)

1. cry babies
2. crazier with you
3. i'm never going to understand

1. daughter of a cop
2. prison line (so lovely)
3. my lai (amy's version)
4. waves of bad intention
5. exhaustion prevails
6. a bible in a bath of bleach
7. mickey's dead
8. warm wolves (milking mary)
9. u angel u
10. road side memorial (repeat)

1. mcdade
2. hotter sadness
3. bodil
4. madison acid
5. visiting angels
6. i bought a gun
7. hurt everything
8. i can't wait for you to die

1. okay
2. pepsi/coke suicide
3. inside you
4. teeth
5. weird honey
6. thinning out

1. thou shall not murder
2. n.m.s.s.
3. new alhambra
4. bruises (amethyst)
5. rock n' roll
6. big break
7. ease
8. new heaven, new earth
9. wastes of time

1. angel cum clean
2. slip
3. cop poet
4. holo pleasures (california dreamin')
5. nakamura
6. up in the air

Monday, 4 December 2017

2017 In Review...

As expected, the following is a list of links for  every release added to the blog this year. Before the year is out, if there's anything you missed, this is your chance to catch up. 2017 has brought out a ton of incredible music, only a fraction of which is here. Also, since I went MIA for a couple months, I'm sure there's a few new releases I'm still missing. Let me know what they are and I'll see if I can get them added here. Also, let me know what some of your favourite albums of the year were, and I'll share mine on here soon. Enjoy.

All Pigs Must Die - Hostage Animal
At The Drive-In - in•ter a•li•a
A Will Away - Here Again
Backtrack - Bad To My World
Brand New - Science Fiction
Broadside - Paradise
Burn - Do Or Die
Can't Swim - Fail You Again
Career Suicide - Machine Response
Celeste - Infidèle(s)
Chon - Homey
Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex
Circa Survive - The Amulet
Citizen - As You Please
CityCop - The Same Stories That Never Get Old
Cloakroom - Time Well
Code Orange - Forever
Converge - The Dusk In Us
Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore
Dad Thighs - The Ghosts That I Fear
Daisyhead - In Case You Missed It
Dead Cross - Dead Cross
Dead Like Me - À Terre, Amas De Rêves
Diet Cig - Swear I'm Good At This
Droughts - Stay Behind
Frail Hands - Self-Titled
Free Throw - Bear Your Mind
Full of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy
Full Of Hell & The Body - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light
Glassjaw - Material Control
Gnarwolves - Outsiders
Have Mercy - Make The Best Of It
Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare
Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here
Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter
Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile To The Surface
Movements - Feel Something
Neck Deep - The Peace And The Panic
New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick
No Omega - Culture
No Warning - Torture Culture
People Like You - Verse
Pet Symmetry - Vision
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
Prawn - Run
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural
Quicksand - Interiors
Rainer Maria - Rainer Maria
Remo Drive - Greatest Hits
ROAM - Great Heights & Nosedives
Rozwell Kid - Precious Art
(Sandy) Alex G - Rocket
Sinai Vessel - Brokenlegged
Single Mothers - Our Pleasure
Sorority Noise - You're Not As _____ As You Think
Stick To Your Guns - True Vision
The Front Bottoms - Going Grey
The Menzingers - After The Party
The Movielife - Cities In Search Of A Heart
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Always Foreign
Tigers Jaw - Spin
Trapped Under Ice - Heatwave
Turnover - Good Nature


AJJ - Back In The Jazz Coffin
All Pigs Must Die - A Caustic Vision
Beach Slang - We Were Babies & We Were Dirtybags [Quiet Slang]
Blacklisted - Dry Shaving b/w Please Go Away
Camp Cope/Cayetana
Charmer - Two Pop Song Demos
City Of Caterpillar - Driving Spain Up A Wall
Converge - Jane Live
Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain b/w Eve
Dead Tired - Vol. Two
Despise You/Coke Bust
Four Year Strong - Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won't
Free - Ex Tenebris
Gatecreeper - Sweltering Madness
.Gif From God/Vein - A Release Of Excess Flesh
Gillian Carter/Eyelet
GIVE - Electric Flower Cult
iburiedyourflowers - Love Is When You Leave
I Love Your Life Lifestyle - Touch / Fire
Mom Jeans/Graduating Life
Petal - Comfort
Portrayal Of Guilt - S/T
Portrayal Of Guilt - Spiritual Cramp (Christian Death cover)
Self Defense Family - Bastard Form b/w Maybe You Could Explain It To Me
Self Defense Family - BBC Session
Self Defense Family - Wounded Masculinity
Single Mothers - East Van Band bw Night School
Single Mothers - Skylight b/w Army Green
Sorority Noise - Me vs Maradona vs Elvis (Brand New cover)
Sorority Noise - Alone
Such Gold - Deep In A Hole
Suis La Lune - The First Five Years
Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Thalamic Incongruity
Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Swollen Tongues
The Wonder Years - Burst & Decay (An Acoustic EP)
Touché Amoré - Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol. 3
Wristmeetrazor - I talk to god...
WVRM - Can You Hear The Wind Howl
Xibalba - Diablo, Con Amor... Adios.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Fury are a five-piece hardcore punk band from Orange County, California that formed in 2014. Their sound is pretty clearly rooted in early youth crew hardcore, such as Youth Of Today. Their songs are straight up, aggressive, and to the point (as their name would suggest), with the positive outlook gang chant vocals to top it all off. Fury do an excellent job of preserving the raw power of this sound, while still giving it a refreshing new energy, and not just rehashing old tropes. Their debut LP, Paramount, came out last year on Triple B Records, which really pushed this band to a whole new level. While they were an excellent hardcore band before, this album takes the sound of hardcore punk and pushes it to its full extent, in a forward-thinking way, like a band such as Turning Point did. It's made a ton of waves, and it rightfully should. Unfortunately I'm a little late to the punch in posting this, but it's definitely one of the most noteworthy hardcore releases in recent years. Enjoy.

1. The Fury
2. Ricochet
3. Day Today
4. Big Man
5. Play (BAB)
6. The Fool

1. Royalty
2. Reality Check
3. Holy
4. End Is Nigh (It's Time)
5. Kingdom Come

1. End Is Nigh (It's Time)
2. Day Today
3. Royalty
4. Reality Check
5. The Fury

1. Duality Of Man
2. Thin Line
3. No Choice

1. Danse
2. Thin Line
3. Novo
4. Damage Is Done
5. In Extremis
6. The Fury
7. Death Yellows Life And Reason
8. Leviathan
9. Duality of Man
10. The Feeling

1. America
2. Lost In The Funhouse
3. Buried (Ability)

Note: All profits go to Planned Parenthood, didn't include download link


Friend/Enemy were a short-lived indie rock project created by Tim Kinsella and Todd Mattei, lasting between 2001 and 2002. Both of them were also members of Joan of Arc at the time. If you're familiar with that band (and Owls to an extent), the strangeness of this project will come as no shock to you. The foundation of these songs were laid down by the aforementioned members, and then a ton of collaborators would come in and add density to these tracks. Other contributors include bassist Sam Zurick (a regular in the Cap'n Jazz/Owls/Joan of Arc collective), and even Zach Hill on drums (of Hella and Death Grips notoriety), among others. Sonically, this project is very experimental, dipping into elements of math rock, jazz, prog, and indie, all beneath Kinsella's distinct vocal stylings and storytelling. In addition, there's an array of sounds in the mix here in addition to standard rock instrumentation, such as a banjo and a bunch of percussion. It's an interesting album undoubtedly, and highly recommended to fans who lean more towards the stranger side on the strange/sad Kinsella spectrum. Enjoy.

1. Thax Douglas
2. Do The Stand On One Foot Dance To The Radio Rodeo
3. I'd Rather Be High Than Get Laid Any Other Day Of The Week
4. How Do You Explain Me To Your Mom
5. Out At The Inner (Dark)
6. Just Like Anne E. Fay's Bues
7. Teeny Comealong
8. The Lost Sciences Of The First Bible Pressing
9. I Once Loved Something, Etc.
10. Okay We'll Fade Before The End

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Suicide File

The Suicide File were a five-piece hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that were around from 2001 to 2003, though they have played a few reunion shows since. They were relatively short-lived, though their output still stands out today as some of the most incredible Boston hardcore of (arguably) all time. This band is also noted for having members involved in tons of other legendary projects, including The Hope Conspiracy, Death By Stereo, and Give Up The Ghost/American Nightmare, all of whom they definitely share sonic qualities with. There's really not much else that needs to be said beyond that. If you're a fan of fucking great, no bullshit, in and out straight-up hardcore, this is a band I'm sure you've heard before. If not, this is your lucky day. They were one of many bands from that scene that really revitalized hardcore during that era, removing the tough guy bullshit and leaving good, high energy punk rock in its place. In terms of releases, they were fairly active in their time. Though they only put one "full-length" (18 minutes constitutes a full-length in hardcore terms), they also put a few splits and such, all of which were conveniently compiled in 2005. Enjoy.

1. Twilight
2. The Edge Of Town
3. Rum, Romanism, And Tammany
4. W
5. Ashcroft
6. Laramie
7. Song For Katy
8. Down Underground
9. Mission Hill Party
10. November In Brookline
11. Song For Tonight

1. Song For Tonight
2. Kissinger
3. Ashcroft
4. The Somme
5. Achtung! Landmine!
6. Song For Katy
7. Mission Hill Party
8. I Hate You
9. Interview

1. 2003
2. Fuck Fox News
3. I Like The Nightlife Baby
4. Cold Snap
5. Things Fall Apart
6. Achtung! Landmine
7. Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For
8. Ashcroft
9. I Hate Rock n' Roll
10. The Purple Dawn
11. Now Lie In It
12. Kissinger
13. The Somme
14. I Hate You
15. A Pleasure To Have In Class
16. Kissinger (Demo)
17. I Hate You (Demo)
18. Another Night In America (Demo)

Monday, 27 November 2017

Life Long Tragedy

Life Long Tragedy were a melodic hardcore band from San Francisco, California that formed in 2001 and broke up in 2008. They were contemporaries to a ton of other incredible bands within the same corner of hardcore, such as Modern Life Is War, Ruiner, Killing The Dream, Sinking Ships, and many, many more. Fans of the impassioned, visceral, emotionally vulnerable and melodically coherent will undoubtedly dig this. They put out their last record through Deathwish, which is not surprising considering how many of the other great melodic hardcore bands of their decade also worked with them. I'm missing their EP A Sealed Fate and split with Sabertooth Zombie, so if anyone has those, please send them my way! Thanks Juan! Enjoy.

1. Forgotten
2. The Strong
3. Past Days
4. Out Of Reach
5. Our Wings
6. For What It's Worth
7. Set In Stone
8. Oceans Of Blood

1. Worth Loving
2. Explaining A Feeling
3. Make Or Break
4. Live Forever
5. Standing By Our Words
6. Where We Belong
7. Roll The Credits
8. This Feel Right
9. Sincere
10. Coldfront
11. Time Stands Still 

1. Final Fight - T.S.
2. Final Fight - Rage
3. Life Long Tragedy - Soul Search Party
4. Life Long Tragedy - Sweet Innocence

1. Life Long Tragedy - Ghost Fleet
2. Life Long Tragedy - Hey Death
3. Life Long Tragedy - This Year's Disease
4. Sabertooth Zombie - In The Shadow Of Shops
5. Sabertooth Zombie - Curly Locks
6. Sabertooth Zombie - Lady Death Pt. II

1. Call It A Day
2. Collecting Dust
3. Hey Death
4. Andromeda
5. Harm
6. Ignoring Lessons
7. Masquerade
8. The Bottomless Hole
9. Sweet Innocence
10. Youth
11. Liars
12. Runaways

Sunday, 26 November 2017


Blowout were a four-piece emo/indie/punk band from Portland, Oregon that got started in 2014 and broke up earlier this year. Last year, they put out their fantastic debut (and now sole) full-length, No Beer, No Dad. This is a fantastic album with some clear influences taken from the reverb-soaked melancholic, melodic guitar parts of Rainer Maria, along with the upbeat celebrate-in-the-face-of-distress pop punk of The Promise Ring. Blowout have a great energy, some fantastic lyrics, and put together a solid front-to-back album of indie/emo goodness. Enjoy.

1. Get Loud
2. Don't Wake Grandpa
3. Tune Out
4. Wet And Reckless
5. Tiny Boots

1. Intro
2. Cents Cents Money Money
3. Indiana
4. Interlude
5. Fuck Slang
6. Guts Grown Up
7. Thrashy
8. King PP
9. 1 I Want
10. Green Couch
11. Pound Pit
12. If-Else-If

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Operation Ivy

Does this band really need an introduction? They've been massively influential, become very well-known (partially because of their successor), and helped create a new subgenre (ska punk). Here's a quick overview anyway, to fill up space. Operation Ivy were a four-piece punk/ska band from Berkeley, California that were around from 1987 to 1989. They were one of the earliest bands to fuse punk rock and ska music together, though they do take clear influence from The Clash, who were doing that nearly a decade earlier. Op Ivy only released a handful of material, though their sole LP Energy is a bona fide classic, and an album I think introduced a lot of people to punk rock.

It's hard not to mention this band without acknowledging what two out of four of these guys would do after. Guitarist Tim Armtrong and bassist Matt McCall formed Rancid after Op Ivy broke up, though that's a whole other thing. Vocalist Jesse Michaels put on an album a few years ago with his new band, Classics Of Love, which is also worth noting. Below is the compilation released in 1991 that included both their LP Energy as well as their EP Hectic. Enjoy.

1. Knowledge
2. Sound System
3. Jaded
4. Take Warning
5. The Crowd
6. Bombshell
7. Unity
8. Vulnerability
9. Bankshot
10. One of These Days
11. Gonna Find You
12. Bad Town
13. Smiling
4. Caution
15. Freeze Up
16. Artificial Life
17. Room Without a Window
18. Big City
19. Missionary
20. Junkies Runnin' Dry
21. Here We Go Again
22. Hoboken
23. Yellin' In My Ear
24. Sleep Long
25. Healthy Body
26. Officer
27. I Got No